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In addition to our hardware products, the biggest value we bring to our customer is our end-to-end software solution for home automation accompanied by engineering services for customization of the solution in order to meet customer requirements.

Our end-to-end software solution for home automation is comprised of:

  • OBLO Home Manager, a software component that provides home automation functionality,
  • OBLO Cloud Service that interconnects the end users with their home wherever they are,
  • OBLO Client Applications that allow the end user to control their home from an Android, iOS or web browser-based device.

OBLO Home Manager

OBLO Home Manager (OHM) is a software component that provides home automation functionality to the clients. OHM runs either on a home automation gateway device or it is integrated within a host device software environment (e.g. WiFi/3G/4G router, sound bar, PC, etc.).

OHM supports the most popular wireless communication protocols today (Zigbee, Z-Wave, IP). It creates a universe where all nodes are abstracted based on their services and properties. This allows to apply control scenarios to all of them while being agnostic on the actual communication protocol.

Key Features:

  • Supported protocols: ZigBee, Z-Wave, IP and BLE
  • Software architecture allows straightforward integration of new home automation protocols (Thread, Bluetooth Mesh, DECT ULE)
  • More than 100 commercially available home automation nodes (ZigBee, Z-Wave, IP) supported
  • Open APIs that allow fast development of client applications by 3rd party developers
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Nodes management by location or by type
  • Statuses: at home, vacation, sunrise,…
  • Advanced scene mechanism:
    • Time trigger, device trigger
    • AND/OR trigger operations
    • Advanced actions (action sets, delays, push notifications, SMS, mail, IFTTT)
  • Connects to cloud via MQTT and gives access to cloud features (e.g. remote control, diagnostics, firmware upgrade)
  • Provides HTTPS, TCP and MQTT APIs for local connection

OHM is built around embedded technologies (Linux, C/C++), and has been already ported onto various customer platforms - home automation gateways, set top boxes, PCs and WiFi routers.

OBLO Cloud Service

OBLO Cloud enables home control outside local network and allows remote diagnostics and configuration of deployed HA gateways. It can be used as a complete cloud solution (distributors/retailers and installers case) or integrated within Customer’s existing cloud service (service operator case). Built around modern web technologies (MQTT), it ensures the highest security and robustness with the lowest latency in home automation communication chain.

OBLO Cloud software is provided as a deployment package adapted to standard hosting platforms. Key components of the solution are application server, database and back-end services. It also hosts the front-end applications that can be adapted to meet customer needs.

The cloud is used in three ways:

  • By the company administrators
    • System status
    • Subscriber management
    • Gateway management
    • Firmware deployment and upgrade management
    • Remote diagnostics and support for end-customers
  • By the handheld clients
    • Remote control of home automation gateways - user can access its home around the globe
    • Configuration of the gateways
    • Reception of notifications
  • By gateways
    • Authentication
    • Mirroring of the home automation gateway configuration and status into the cloud
    • Usage of cloud as a pool of storage and processing power - store of data consumption information on the cloud, events, logs
    • Notification of end-customers in case of events

The entire communication is based on secure protocols. An additional security measure is that the gateways always connect to the predefined cloud address that cannot be altered.

The current solution targets home automation, although it is not limited to it. Since each business is slightly different, the adaptation of the cloud solution to a customer need belongs to our common tasks - customization of the web apps and interfaces is a usual requirement of our customers.

OBLO Client Apps

The handheld devices strive to take over the role of the remote controllers in many ways. By providing an intuitive, easy to use app for major mobile platforms, we ensure fine-grade control of your home at no effort for our users. Our key goal is to hide the complexity of the technology behind a user friendly GUI exposing the most valuable functions for end-customers.

The apps have always up-to-date information about the gateways and nodes. The bidirectional communication ensures timely response and instant notification about status changes. The apps can be used both in-home or remotely - they are smart enough to connect to the gateway directly if possible, to ensure the best user experience.



Client application is intuitive and easy to use. Its comfortable graphical user interface will smoothly guide through the process of configuration of your space according to the installed infrastructure of smart devices. Upon configuration, all the devices are under the control of the application.

Your home in pictures

The apps visualizes the entities you are controlling by rendering the most important information and controls. For advanced user, a more detailed view is provided.

Preferred devices have customized controls to get the best out of them. Since this feature is significantly influencing the user experience, it is often asked for by our customers.


Since the client apps are the most used interface of home control, the user experience they provide is crucial. On the other hand, being a subjective topic, it is highly versatile. Therefore we decoupled the GUI from the core software, and thus we provide customization service for the GUI for all supported platforms.


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