OBLO Living Application

The handheld devices strive to take over the role of the remote controllers in many ways. By providing an intuitive, easy to use app for major mobile platforms, we ensure fine-grade control of your home at no effort.

Stay in the loop

With OBLO Living app you can always keep an eye on your home. The app will help you to monitor your entire home no matter where you are. By using it, you will get notified every time your doors are open or your lights are on. Or you can just check the temperature level in your room.

Control your home

Controlling your lights from your smart phone or tablet has never been easier. With OBLO Living app, you can change the brightness of your lights and choose from hundreds of colors.
But we offer you more than just lighting control. There is a long list of things in your home that can be controlled with our app.

Add a bit of smartness to your home

There are many features of OBLO Living app, but scenes can make your home really “smart”.
Now, in three simple steps, you can create your own scene according to your needs.

OBLO Living Gateway

The central place in OBLO home automation system is reserved for a home automation gateway device, which serves as a brain of the system. It is a central device that integrates the OBLO products into an intelligent system and allows you to monitor and control them from the OBLO Living app. The compact design of OBLO Gateway allows seamless integration into home environment.


OBLO Living Nodes

By using OBLO Living nodes together with free mobile app and a gateway, you will turn your home into a smart home in few simple steps. Whether you want to control your lights, indoor temperature, power consumption or something else, OBLO nodes are at your service.


OBLO works well with:

OBLO Living Cloud

OBLO cloud plays an important role in OBLO home automation system, since it enables home control outside local network. Built around modern web technologies, it ensures the highest security and robustness with the lowest latency in home automation communication chain.
It also allows monitoring and controlling of the home from any browser-based device.