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Electronica 2016 – OBLO Living announces integration of smart modules into everyday household items

Novi Sad, Serbia – November 3, 2016 – OBLO Living, a company specialized in home automation solutions, announces integration of smart modules into everyday consumer products. Integrated smart electronics will enable business growth for many suppliers and OEMs, through provision of new value-added products. Home appliances, refillable juicers, doors and windows, purely mechanical machines, will enter residential areas as intelligent products controllable via an Android/iOS application.

At OBLO Living they show no concern regarding the wide range of potential applications and end product particularities. “Our nodes based on Bluetooth, ZigBee and WiFi are easily integrated. We surely can perform any required customization of the node to support specificity of the product. Furthermore, OBLO has the rest of the eco-system, including gateway, cloud, and mobile applications, industrialization ready. We invite all interested potential customers to visit us at Electronica to discuss common business opportunities,” said Nikola Smiljkovic, VP Products and Marketing at OBLO Living.

IoT is really about ways to garner more information to drive business value. This greater engagement allows us to provide greater value and expands our relationships with customers. We would like to stimulate manufacturers to not miss intelligence crucial to their job and business. Though we emphasize that the solutions to do this must be simple and cost-effective. The engineering potential and strength of OBLO, which is an end-to-end HA solution, is a win-win combination in bringing intelligence into things we would like smarter, such as self-watering plants, smart kitchen and bathroom appliances, smart doors/windows. I wouldn’t end on these examples. Anything mechanical, really, can have intelligence to it. It can be the node.” concluded Nikola.

About OBLO Living
OBLO Living, shortly OBLO, provides world-class solutions for home automation (HA) to service operators, consumer electronics distributors/retailers and installers. The company is a spin-off of RT-RK, one of the biggest development houses in Southeast Europe.

OBLO Living combines its end-to-end software solution for home automation with in-house developed home automation devices to cover lighting, security, safety, energy managements and other aspects of the fast-growing home automation markets. For more information, visit

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